About Us

The uncertainty is the color grey. Don’t stay in the fog. There are only two essential colors in business: black & white. Simple answer: yes or no. Yes, I want to do business with this company, it’s safe and reliable, or no, i’m not taking the risk. Check fast who is who.

We don’t provide thick business reports for which you have to wait days and pay a lot. We provide cost-effective information! We provide fast access to business information about entity registers, activity and business connections from multiple countries through one dataplatform, in your own language.

And we do it extremely fast. Real-time data fast.

We code harder to give you instant company data and even while you’re reading this, be aware that data bits are flowing and flowing and all company information on our dataplatform is being updated at the moment.

But why does Safe Panda have the power to engage so much?

Safe Panda dataplatform represents the culmination of 4 years of our heavy research, data analysis and hard coding in technology company and we know it’s neverending story.

Constant need for improvement and having minds open for customers voice - this is why you would probably start to love us from the first sight. Not only for a cute logo.

And since we’ve already talking about cute logo...

What we stole from real pandas and brought it to Safe Panda

  • Pandas are white and black and we give you a chance to check who is white and black in business

  • Scientists claim, that we like pandas because they remind us of ourselves. Especially because of their siting habit while eating. We also don’t treat Safe Panda us “just” a powerful tool, a dataplatform without a soul. It was made by humans for humans, and that’s why it’s more humane than any other B2B product

  • It’s in the eyes: their eye patches make their eyes look bigger. Thanks to our dataplatform you see more - see company information across the borders. So yeah, we have bigger eyes!

  • They make us laugh, have a joyful moments. We do that too. We care to keep Safe Panda the most convenient company information platform in the world, so you could verify partners and contractors easy and with real joy

  • They are cultural symbol, an icon of conservation. The main role of Safe Panda is also conservation in the meaning of retention of the business safety

  • Pandas are rare (there are around 1,5K now in the world). Safe Panda too. It’s actually the only one of it’s kind

  • They have the coolest life ever - they eat, sleep and play. We do that too, but with one difference - we play with data